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Protect your website from ddos and other attacks...

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Encyript your domain via ssl sertificate.

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Be informated about your website statistics.

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Disable access to your website from different countries.

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Domain 1 Year 2 Years 10 Years Renew Transfer Whois Privacy cPanel Access Order
.com $9.95 $18.55 $89.99 $8.95 $8.95 $2.00 $2.00 Buy Now
.net $9.95 $18.55 $89.99 $8.95 $8.95 $2.00 $2.00 Buy Now
.org $9.95 $18.55 $89.99 $8.95 $8.95 $2.00 $2.00 Buy Now
.edu $9.95 $18.55 $89.99 $8.95 $8.95 $2.00 $2.00 Buy Now
.guru $9.95 $18.55 $89.99 $8.95 $8.95 $2.00 $2.00 Buy Now
.biz $9.95 $18.55 $89.99 $8.95 $8.95 $2.00 $2.00 Buy Now
.us $9.95 $18.55 $89.99 $8.95 $8.95 $2.00 $2.00 Buy Now

Frequently Asked Questions

A domain name, a series of textual characters that identifies a specific IP address, uniquely identifies a website on the Internet. Domain names locate businesses, organizations, or other entities on the Internet. Domain names are easy to remember, easy to type alternatives to obscure URL's that you receive with free website hosting services. Using a domain name allows you to receive more visitors, less bounced emails, and the chance to make a lasting impression on the Web.

A great benefit of using your domain name is that regardless of how many times you change your access provider, your Email and website address will always remain the same.

Regardless of the extension, all domain names must follow the same character rules... You can use letters (abc), numbers (123) and dashes/hyphens (---). Spaces are not allowed and the domain can't begin or end with a dash.

A little known fact is that you CAN have multiple dashes right next to each other. (e.g. Opened up a few more possibilities?

Your domain name is registered in your name. So long as it has active DNS entries, all the required fees are paid and it's not in breach of any law, nobody else can either use it or take it without your consent.

Be VERY careful when registering your domain name. Once you purchase your domain, the order is non-refundable.

You will receive an email confirmation of your domain name registration once it is complete. You can also login into your account and see that your name has been added to your account management area.

Your domain name is registered immediately, but it can take up to 24 hours for some domain names to appear in whois. If you've received confirmation from Derbi, you can be sure that your name has been registered.

There are several services that can be used with your Domain name:

Email Accounts: unique Email addresses [email protected]' (e.g. [email protected], [email protected], etc.). Set up each employee or family member with their own Email address.

Catch All Email: If you don't want to be limited to individual Email addresses, then this is the account for you. Simply tell us 'one' address to have all your messages sent to and [email protected] will be forwarded to that address.

URL Forwarding: If you already have a website, start using your domain name without the additional cost of hosting. When a user enters your new Domain name into their browser, they'll be redirected to your existing website.

Web Hosting: Derbi offers several levels of web hosting to suit your needs. Each package provides you with at least 500MB of disk storage on our server, plus 24hr access to maintain your website from anywhere in the world.

Search Engine Submission: Submit your website to 1000+ search engines, increasing both your web presence and your website traffic!

o. Once a registration is complete, it is valid for the time frame specified in the purchase (1-10 years) and is non-refundable.