Web & App Design

Web & app design is an essential part of a company or organization`s branding. Your internet presence should empower your business.

Graphic Design

We are built to tell brand stories. Our philosophy allow us to create Storyscapes that are never-ending for an always-on world.

Photo & Video

Photo & Video are great way to tell your brand`s story, and now it`s more affordable than ever before.


Now more than ever, people are using the internet to find the services and products they are looking for.


Derbi Agency

We are Derbi Agency team, a new design & development studio based in Baku. We have over 5 years of combined experience, and we know a thing or two about our job.

Our Team

Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design.

Charles Ormond Eames

Styles come and go. Good design is a language, not a style.

Massimo Vignelli (Italian Designer)

If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.

Ralf D. Speth (CEO of Jaguar Land Rover)

Our Team

Rufat Gudratli Rufat Gudratli Developer
Rasim Hamidi Rasim Hamidi Network Engineer
Ilkin Sultanli Ilkin Sultanli Copywriter
Aydan Jafarli Aydan Jafarli Content Manager
Nurlan Mamedov Nurlan Mamedov Content Manager
Zaur Alizade Zaur Alizade Graphic Designer
Javid Yagubali Javid Yagubali Developer


We have over 5 years of combined experience in different spheares. We believe our longevity in this industry and our repeat business are proof positive or our commitment to delivering outstanding results for our clients.

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Video & Photography

Our Services

Brand Design

A strong brand starts with a logo. Every reputable business has a logomark that symbolizes its unique value in marketplace. Logo design focuses on the creation of a perfectly simple image that helps your clients identify your business.

Promo & Printing

Print design encompasses all of the collateral that lands in the hands of your potential clients, customers or members. Your brand is enchanced by design that attends to the hiearchy of attention.

Web & App Development

Web & App development is an essential part of a company`s branding. Your virtual storefront must be easy to fing, attractive to the eye, effortless to enter and navigate, and provide your clients with rich information.

Hosting & Domain

With our Control Panel, abailable on each hosting plan, you can create virtually any type of website: blog, forum, CMS, wiki, photo gallery, E-commerce store and so much more.


Your brand is the sum of how and what you convery to your targeted audience. The better your communicate your understanding of that audience`s interests, needs and desires, the stronger your brand.


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